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Driven by a passion for solving problems, fixing things and making people happy.

My eldest son Arman Jr. and I have been providing expert handyman services throughout Marin County since 2005, and over the years we've acquired master level trade skills, and we're ready to put them to good use for you.

If you're a homeowner, property manager, or renter and have no time to "DIY", then let us "DI4U"!

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We're there for you when you need us! Get 15 % off Labor - 4 Trades Handyman local expert handyman servicing Marin County CA.- no time to DIY?, then let us DI4U! - Get a free quote call/text (415) 876-9309 or quotes@4tradeshandyman.comGet a free quote call/text:

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  • We’re a multi service provider, with a strong local reputation for quality crafstmanship, attention to detail and customer service. We have established solid trade relations with local vendors and materials suppliers.

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  • Count on never being overcharged or nickle and dimed. We set a fair price for an outstanding service upfront and stick to it.


*Get 15% off labor!

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4 Trades Handyman services expert carpentry installation and repair serving Sausalito and Marin County CA 4 Trades Handyman services expert electrical fixture installation and repair serving Sausalito and Marin County CA 4 Trades Handyman services expert plumbing fixture installation and repair serving Sausalito and Marin County CA 4 Trades Handyman services expert painting and staining serving Sausalito and Marin County CA


     Carolyn C.
     ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"I saw a recommendation for Arman of 4 Trades Handyman on a GGMG (SF Mom's group) posting and called him for an estimate for our deck replacement and/or repair. His estimates were very fair and the lowest of many. Usually the lowest bid would scare me away but he seemed very trustworthy and conscientious. He was able to repair the deck to my satisfaction at a fraction of the cost for replacement. (Other contractors claimed that sanding the deck would not be a viable solution.) He did a great job and he has a very pleasant and calming demeanor. I will definitely call him for any future projects!"

      Steve S.
     ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"I found 4 Trades Handyman via a Google search and am extremely satisfied with Arman's work. He installed UV window film on our large bank of windows and doors in our condo. Beyond high quality, competitively priced work, what distinguishes him from most other contractors I've dealt with is that he communicates. From the moment we spoke during the initial phone call to the end of the job; I always knew where, when, why and how... I highly recommend 4 Trades Handyman."

      Jamie C.
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"An extraordinary, trustworthy company. I had difficulty finding someone who was willing to take on a smaller job (bathroom and kitchen tile replacement in an 800 sq. ft. condo) and also have an established, reputable business presence. Arman immediately responded, made an in-person visit, offered a reasonable, competitive quote, and made it effortless on my part to get all the materials, etc. Best of all, his work is beautiful--he is conscientious, personable, clean, timely, and detail focused. He was meticulous in ensuring I was 110% happy with the results. I highly recommend Arman and his company and would come to him again in a heartbeat!"

      Patricia P.
      ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"Yes, I am very happy with the work. What I appreciate most is how meticulous you are, you are very detailed in everything you do. You also like beautiful things and so you have a good eye in terms of how different colors and lines come together."

 our services listing ↓


  • door & window install/replace
  • trim & casing install/replace
  • cabinet install/replace
  • flooring install/replace
  • baseboard & crown install/replace
  • termite & dry rot repair/replace
  • siding & fascia repair/replace
  • fence install/repair/replace
  • deck install/repair/replace
  • tile install/repair/replace
  • and more


  • int/ext outlet install/replace
  • int/ext switch install/replace
  • int/ext light fixture install/replace
  • circuit breaker install/replace
  • ceiling fan install/replace
  • bathroom exhaust fan install/replace
  • stove hood vent install/replace
  • smoke alarm install/replace
  • wall mount T.V. install/replace
  • wall mount heater install/replace
  • and more


  • faucet install/replace
  • tub faucet install/replace
  • toilet install/replace
  • shower valve install/replace
  • shower head install/replace
  • sink install/replace
  • p-trap install/replace
  • dishwasher install/replace
  • garbage disposal install/replace
  • water heater hold-downs
  • and more


  • int/ext paint/stain
  • fence & deck paint/stain/seal
  • dry rot patch/repair
  • power washing
  • deck coating repair/replace


Other Services


  • indoor/outdoor furniture assembly
  • drywall repair/replace
  • window & door weatherproofing
  • door knob & lock install/replace
  • towel bar & rob hook install/replace
  • grab bar install/replace
  • doggy door install/replace
  • storage shed install/replace
  • closet organizer install/replace
  • child play structure install/replace
  • and more


4 Trades Handyman local expert handyman services - Yeah we can fix that! Get a quote call/text (415) 876-9309 or quotes@4tradeshandyman.com